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Dupatta Design – Dupatta Style

Dupatta design for ghagra choli lehnga salwar suit and such women dress materials. It this fashion scenario market completely products polluted. Because, there are many dupatta designs online,  different fabrics, many sizes and much more colour variation.

The Indian girl and women engaged with an emotional relationship with their dupatta. It’s outfit with lehnga choli dupatta, salwar suit dupatta without dupatta its incomplete. There are too many varieties of dupatta, especially in India.

Here we cover almost all major dupatta design that always used in fashion scenario.

1. Cotton Dupatta

Cotton dupatta is one of the popular dupattas in India and its also traditional style dupatta. There are too many varieties & various types of cotton in the textile industry. In this category, you can find from cheap to premium quality dupatta.

You can find printed cotton, plain cotton, heavy work cotton, phulkari cotton and so on. This material perfect for all season from summer to winter.

Cotton dupatta basically uses for home-based because of its soft materials & very comfortable for women and girls.

Cotton dupatta can be used or apply with Salwar suit, Kurtis Leggings as well as gowns. All colour and variation available in cotton dupattas. Cotton dupatta comes from cheap & best quality categories.

2. Chiffon Dupatta


Chiffon dupatta it is hot demanded product this time In India due to light in weight and premium in quality. This is the latest fashion dupatta and available in all pattern, all types of work can be done on chiffon fabric.

Such as chiffon embroidery, chiffon heavy work, printed chiffon, Tie and dye chiffon, chiffon border lace, phulkari chiffon dupatta etc.

Chiffon dupatta is known as a premium dupatta due to fabric quality, it’s using all over India. The all boutique manufacturer dress material, suit, gown, lehnga matching with embroidery or heavy work chiffon dupatta. Chiffon dupatta comes from cheap and premium both quality categories.

3. Net Dupatta

There are many designs we can see in net dupattas such as heavy work net dupatta, Stone & Moti work net dupatta, fancy net dupatta and most beautiful bridal net dupatta for Dulhan. This kind of dupatta looking wise too good and most beautiful.

Net dupatta mostly uses with lehnga and heavy gowns in marriage party events. Net dupatta comes from premium categorise dupatta.

4. Multicolor Dupatta

Multicolour dupatta comes from mix colouring in single dupatta. The advantage of this dupatta girls and women can wear any colours dress. Basically, two types of multicolour dupatta first printed and the second one is Bandhni multicolour dupatta.

Chiffon and cotton fabric is perfect for multicolour dupatta. It comes from cheap quality dupatta.

5. Golden Dupatta

golden net dupatta buy online - dupatta design

The women and girls love some colours and Golden colour some of them. Yes, Golden colour dupatta is always heart touching for women and girls. In this picture as you can see this is golden dupatta but keep in mind. This is dupatta and whatever you want you can use this dupatta.

It can be used with jeans top, and any women dress material. Its come from premium quality dupatta.

6. Bridal Dupatta & Lehenga Dupatta

red bridal dupatta online

Bridal dupatta design for bride or marriage party. In Indian culture lehnga choli with heavy dupatta is a perfect outfit for Dulhan or bride. When the bride is decorated with a dupatta then she looks like a whole bride. Without bridal dupatta, she looks like incomplete Dulhan.

When I talk about the colours and design of Dulhan and bridal dupatta. Basically, bridal dupatta comes from White, Red, Maroon And Pink colour also.

Fabrics that specially used for bridal dupatta is Heavy Net, Heavy Georgette, as well as Heavy silk. Multi-work has done on bridal dupatta such as embroidery, heavy lace, tussal and also hand work by workers.

7. Phulkari Dupatta

Cotton Phulkari Dupatta online Red Colour

Phulkari dupatta comes from designer dupatta and heavy. Phulkari dupatta perfect outfit for the festive season, Party, Anniversary. It can be worn with salwar suit, Kurtis, and leggings.

8. Heavy Dupatta

Heavy dupatta design Heavy dupatta means multiple works on dupatta its called heavy dupatta. Example, for making heavy dupatta manufacturers doing multiple works like machine work, embroidery, handwork, fabric custom colour dying and so on.

Heavy dupatta especially uses with lehnga choli for marriage and party. But in this fashion scenario, The heavy dupatta also use with Salwar Kameez, Plazzo.

The heavy dupatta comes from premium quality dupatta and its fabric and design.

9. Jaipuri Dupatta

Varieties of dupatta manufacturing from Jaipur. Due to colourful Jaipuri dupatta Jaipur more famous. We personally feel, their lot of quality Rangrez and their service also amazing for dupatta chunni, bandhani saree, bandhani suit or dress. Jaipuri dupatta most demanded in Punjab and Haryana in Punjab its called Punjabi dupatta. Its come from cheap and premium both quality dupattas.

10. Bandhni Dupatta Bandhej dupatta Tie & Dye Dupatta

Bandhni Bandhej Tie & Dye this is name but pattern same. This is a process of making dupatta first tie and then dye its called tie and dye dupatta. In Hindi, its called Bandhni Bandhej different name in India depend on geolocation. Northeast India is also known as chunni.

Bandhni dupatta always demanded due to attractive pattern and colouring.


Basically, we made colourful and beautiful from fabric to dupatta with the help of Tussal also called Latkan, border lace, Jhalar lace, Silk Embroidery and much more raw materials. Dupatta is an Indian traditional wear. The all above dupatta design available offline & online.

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