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Welcome to Dupatta Online, we are here to help you with any type of misconception regarding dupatta, fabrics, colour and so on.

You have a lot of question regarding dupatta such as what is embroidery dupatta, Phulkari dupatta, Printed dupatta, Chiffon dupatta and so on. I hope in this article you can understand all necessary information about Ladies dupatta stoles. There are many types of dupatta’s many types of fabrics, and tons of dupatta design are available in the market. We explain one by one about dupatta below.

Embroidery Dupatta

Embroidery dupatta in India it’s also called kadahi dupatta. Embroidery work is very deeply & time-consuming work. Its also done by handwork or machine work, embroidery dupatta is more costly dupatta as a comparison to other dupattas.

Here are some example of Embroidery Dupatta

Plain Dupatta

Plain dupatta is simple dupatta that cut into fabric rolls and no any additional design and no any work such as embroidery, embroidered. Such types of dupatta basically used for matching in Salwar kameez, Kurtis and so on.

Printed Dupatta

Printed dupatta it’s a trending dupatta and its evergreen demanding in marketplaces. How it made? By hand or by machine put a design on dupatta fabric, its very large process. The printing process can be the machine as well as hand work. In this process many types of fabric used to print dupatta for example Cotton, Chiffon.

Here some example of Printed Dupatta

Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari dupatta is basically designer dupatta and in this category maximum work done by hand work. Such type of dupatta’s huge demand in rural areas in India.

Here example of Phulkari Dupatta.

Tie & Dye, Bandhani, Bandhej Dupatta

Actually, tie and dye is a concept first tie the cloth and then die, that’s why its called tie and dye its also known as Bandhni dupatta or Bandhej dupatta, Its traditional Indian name. There are many types of dye pattern can be used in bandhani dupatta process.

Here Example of Tie and Dye, Bandhni, Bandhej Dupatta

Dupatta Fabric Types

When I talk about fabric that used in dupatta. Actually, its depend on match or set that means if you have georgette kurti then you have to take same georgette dupatta as per your top & bottom fabrics. There are many types of fabrics utilize to make dupatta.

Below some fabric example that used in dupatta.

  • Cotton Dupatta
  • Chiffon Dupatta
  • Net Dupatta
  • Georgette Dupatta
Plain Chiffon Dupatta Online

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